What we do

Tianchi (tianchi.aliyun.com), based on AliCloud services, provides the big data and the distributed computing resources to the data enthusiasts worldwide. It aims to build a state-of-the-art platform for "crowd intelligence", and contributes data talents to the cloud eco-system.

  • Tianchi Big Data Competition

    Tianchi Big Data Competition, hosted by AliCloud, provides the big data and the distributed computing resources to the data enthusiasts worldwide to compete with each other, and collects cutting-edge solutions for real-world applications. The top competitors will have the opportunity to deploy their algorithm online (taobao.com, tmall.com, xiami.com and etc.), and serve for thousands of users in China.

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  • Data Lab

    Tianchi has accumulated huge amount of user data from real business scenarios, which ignites the excitement from the machine learning community to join in force revealing the magic in the Pandora's box of our daily life.

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  • Curriculum Cooperation

    We cooperate with universities and research institutes to conduct courses related to big data, provide data set, cloud computing platforms, specialized knowledge/documentations and others to promote the cultivation of data talents, tap the potential reserve of data and computing power and accelerate the integration of production, learning and research.

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  • Data Talents Certification

    You can get accumulated points by participating in the competitions, and accomplish the advance from Challenger to Conqueror. You can also obtain the certificates of ACP and ACA approved and granted by Alibaba.

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Documentary of Tianchi

  • Tianchi Hackson

    The rapid development of cloud computing facilitates a transition from the era of IT to DT, while the young are the pioneers of DT era. During 2015 Yun Xi conference, top players on Tianchi platform were gathered to compete in Tianchi Hackson. Please view the video for details.
  • Looking for data heros

    Tianchi big data competition, providing young people the opportunities to get touch with cloud computing and big data, successfully attracted competitors from 36 countries. A group of promising young people who have the courage to fullfill their dreams,120 days and nights when they never cease to struggle. It is the experience that endow them with the toughening. Nowadays, they believe in themselves and the future more, who are regarded as the data hero of this times.Following the pace of the times?No! They are creators!


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  • 2015 Sina Weibo Interaction-prediction Competition

    In this challenge, we provided anonymized 3 million users’ social network data on weibo.com. There were 2000 teams joining the game. The winning solution successfully exceeded the provided baseline, and has been applied online to serve for the thousands of users on weibo.com.

  • 2015 Guangdong Public Transportation Algorithm Challenge

    The Guangdong government offered transportation data of Guangdong province on Tianchi platform and called for elegant solution to alleviate traffic jam.

About Tianchi

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